Our Founding

When Qutie & Anita started mixing their organic skincare products in the kitchen they had one goal in mind:


“To make products that didn’t make Anita go into anaphylactic shock”

 Anita developed allergies overnight and was soon reacting to smells, skin care products, bath products, makeup, and more: the list of things she couldn’t use just kept growing. Before long there weren’t many options left for her in terms of conventional products; even the “organic” ones were no longer an option for her due to the cross-contamination of product ingredients that occurs during manufacturing. Most importantly, her selection process was hampered by the fact that beauty companies lack transparency about the ingredients in their products, forcing their consumers to make uninformed decisions.


The mother-daughter duo decided that you shouldn’t have to pick up your skincare products and not know the full list of ingredients. It shouldn’t be such a stressful process trying to find skin care products that are allergy safe, work for your skin type, and smell amazing! Thus, Qutie’s Body Bar was Founded in June 2017 with the goal of making it all easier for you.


We are licensed manufactures in the state of Connecticut, where all of our products are handmade with organic and natural ingredients that actually work for your skin. They nourish, heal, rejuvenate, and moisturize the skin. Our products are made in small batches to avoid cross-contamination and to ensure you are always getting the freshest ingredients. We are always transparent about ingredients and allergy information to keep our customers safe. The smells are AMAZING!!!! Just think about all the cocktails our products are named after and you can already imagine how yummy they smell!


At Qutie’s Body Bar we value transparency, that’s why we list all the ingredients we put in our products. This allows our customers to make informed decisions about their skincare.


We list the allergy information for all our products on every bottle for an allergy safe shopping experience because buying skincare shouldn’t be complicated or unsafe for anyone. 


Our products are just as safe as the food you eat. We only  use USDA organic, wild harvested and food grade ingredients to make all of our products. We make sure to use the freshest ingredients in every batch. 

Organic Allergy-Safe Skincare with You In Mind!

Qutie’s Body Bar Pledge


Organic Ingredients

We only use USDA organic, wildcrafted & food-grade ingredients in our products. 


We are licensed manufactures and we are always transparent about the ingredients and allergy information of our products to keep our customers safe.


Our products are made to order in small batches to avoid cross-contamination to ensure you are always getting the freshest ingredients.

Chemical Free

Our products work just like conventional products without all the chemicals, artificial preservatives, and dyes. 

Our Mission

At Qutie’s Body Bar we want to spread the message that a healthy lifestyle is not just about what you eat and exercising, but also about the products you use on your body, on your kids, your pets, etc…All of these things affect your health, but many people fail to realize this. Our mission is to provide organic allergy-safe skincare products for the entire family. 

We are a company passionate about

physical, mental & spiritual health and wellness.

About The Owners 

The Original Qutie Beauties 

This mother-daughter duo does everything together so starting a business together came naturally to them. After Anita’s sudden onset of new allergies, they became more cautious of not only what they put on their skin, but what they put in their body. They decided to be more proactive with their health and live a more holistic lifestyle. They have made it their mission now to promote a healthy lifestyle focusing on physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


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