Qutie and Anita handcrafted their products with Anita in mind, and people like her, who are allergic to artificial preservatives found in commercial skincare and bodycare products. Qutie’s Body Bar is committed to using safe, simple and, most importantly, the best ingredients available for purchase. All of the ingredients used to make our products are USDA certified organic, food grade and all natural. Our products do not contain petroleum based chemicals, chemical emulsifiers, chemical preservatives, propylene glycol, artificial colors, stabilizers, or synthetic fragrances.

Due to not having synthetic preservatives in our products they are not made to sit on store shelves for several months. This is why we make our products in very small batches and make to order. So you are always receiving the freshest product possible.

Natural Preservatives 

We do use in our products what many consider as ‘natural preservatives’ but they aren’t nearly as potent as synthetic ones. For them to do the same job you would have to use large amounts of them to be effective.

We use the following natural preservatives: 

  • Glycerin
  • Honey
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Rosemary
  • Beeswax

As a product begins to age it starts losing its defining qualities. Products with essential oils scents might gradually fade in scent, our sugar scrubs when exposed to direct sunlight the color changes, our coffee scrub gets drier etc…The moment you start using your products, whether it’s using the sugar scrub in the shower or scooping out a handful of lotion, you introduce bacteria and other contaminants.

Product Listing Suggested Shelf Life

Provided below is the shelf life for our current product offerings. Every item will be under their category name unless a product is listed specifically. 

Note: For best results, use our products within suggested the listed time frame. After such time, product warranty is lost.

Body Scrubs & Foot Scrubs

  • Use Within 6 Months of Purchase

Face Scrubs

  • Use Within 6 Months of Purchase

Body Butters

  • Use Within 6 Months of Purchase

Lip Balms

  • Use Within 18 Months of Purchase

Body Oils, Facial Oils & Facial Serums

  • Use Within 6 Months of Purchase 

Facial Toner

  • Use Within 6 Months of Purchase

Clay Face Mask

  • Use Within 6 month of Purchase 

Keep in mind that these are recommended used by dates. Products might lose their efficacy sooner or last longer depending on several factors like temperature, exposure to contaminants etc.. These time frames were carefully chosen after a consultation with a microbiologist to ensure the safety of our customers.