Ambrosia Oily Skin Facial Toner

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Our oily skin facial toner is used after cleansing to help rid the skin of any remaining impurities that are still lingering on the surface of your skin without excessively drying out your skin, which would cause your skin to produce even more oil.

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  • Coconut Vinegar: The coconut vinegar in the oily skin facial toner nourishes the skin with vitamins and amino acids to shrink pores, reduces blemishes and breakouts and balances the natural ph of the skin.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: With acetic acid, it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal that inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes acne. It contains naturally occurring malic acid which exfoliates the skin.
  • Organic Witch Hazel: Natural astringent that clears the skin of surface debris and absorbs excess oil.
  • Distilled Aloe Vera Juice: Hydrates the skin and reduce redness.
  • Organic Lemon Balm Extract: Hydrates the skin and reduces cell and tissue damage caused by free radicals due to its strong antioxidant activity.

Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free & Vegan

How To Use: Soak a cotton ball with the oily skin facial toner and use it to wipe face. Let dry then proceed with regular skincare routine.

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