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This versatile organic hair and scalp oil with flaxseed and chia seed oil conditions detangle and soothe dry scalp; it penetrates each hair strand to moisturize, soften and restore shine and luster to dry hair without weighing it down.

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Organic Hair & Scalp Oil Ingredients:

  • Organic Avocado Oil: Moisturizes, repair, strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth.
  • Organic Olive Oil: Penetrates the hair shaft adding softness, body, and shine to your hair helping to preserve the moisture.
  • Organic Chia Seed Oil: Helps with thickening your hair, adds shine, and boost hair growth.
  • Organic Flax Seed Oil: The anti-inflammatory properties promote a healthy environment to help hair grow and hydrates hair.
  • Organic Grapeseed Oil: Helps fight frizz and restore moisture to the hair and scalp. Moisturizes and conditions hair promotes hair growth and fights dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Organic Castor Oil: This is a natural conditioner that helps lubricate the hair shaft, increasing flexibility, and decreasing the chance of breakage.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant properties repair damaged hair and promote hair growth. Improves blood flow to improve hair health, balances the oil production of the scalp, adds shine, and luster.
  • Organic Rosemary: Anti-inflammatory properties improve the circulation of the scalp and stimulate hair growth.
  • Organic Peppermint: Helps with dryness, itching, improves blood flow to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Dairy Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free & Vegan

How to Use:

  • To Promote Healthy Hair and Scalp: For best results spray your hair with our Rice Water Spray. Then massage your hair and scalp moisturizer into the scalp for five to ten minutes, 5-7 times weekly.
  • Use as Hot Oil Treatment: Apply a generous amount of our hair and scalp moisturizer to your hair, cover with a shower cap, and add heat for 25-30 minutes.
  • Use as Hair Oil: Apply scalp and hair moisturizer to the scalp when it feels dry or when it is itchy.

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