The number one question our Qutie’s Beautie’s always get asked is, “How do I get clear skin?” It seems everyone struggles at some stage in their life with getting clear skin or maintaining clear skin. We have compiled a definitive list of the best advice from all over the internet of the best tips for clear skin.

  1. Do not use the same towel you use for your body to dry your face.

Your face and feet don’t touch for a reason. lol On a serious note the skin on your face is very sensitive especially if you have acne or other facial skin conditions. Everybody part has a different bacteria, oil production, fungi etc…Exposing your face to it can cause breakouts or a whole of other skin conditions.

2. Change your facial towel daily.

For the same reason above a dirty wash, towel will start to grow several types of bacteria. With continued use, this will lead to breakouts.

3. Make sure you are using products for your skin type. This is probably one of the most important things on the entire list. If you are not using products suited for your skin type it doesn’t matter what you use, your skin will never be clear. Be sure to read our blog about determining your skin type here. A skincare routine tailored to your skin type, whether dry, oily or combination; will yield better results than one not meant for your skin.

4. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated.

The debate still rages on whether it’s 8 cups you need or more. Make sure you stay hydrated. Your skin will thank you later by staying supple and hydrated.

5. Change your pillowcase weekly or daily if possible and/or wear a head bonnet or scarf.

This is something most people don’t even think about. We put so many hair products on a daily basis in our hair and then we go to bed. Our hair and face reside on the same pillow overnight. So whatever is on our hair will transfer to our skin. By changing your pillowcase or wearing a bonnet you prevent the products from your hair from transferring to your skin.

6. Keep your dirty hands out your face.

Cleanliness is close to clear skin to be sure to wash your hand before you touch your face.

7. Rotate your skin care regimen during the week and seasonally to meet your skin’s unique skincare needs during different seasons.

It’s common that with a new season our skin type will change slightly or our face will get used to the face products and it will not respond the same way it used too. By rotating them and changing them seasonally you will have better success with your quest for clear skin.

8. Use beauty tools like facial steamers, derma rollers, jade rollers, blue light mask etc…

Beauty tools are an excellent way to enhance the effectiveness of your beauty products and they each offer their own unique benefits for your skin.

9. Get professional skincare services done.

Getting professional facials is a MUST in your skincare journey and it is NOT cheating. Every once in awhile professional service might be just what your skin needs to take your skin health to the next level.

Is there anything you swear by that keeps your skin glowing? Let us know what are your tips for clear skin?

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