The order you apply your skincare products determines how successful your skincare routine will be for your skin. The two most important rules to remember when applying skincare products are:

Viscosity: Apply your products from low viscosity products to high viscosity to simplify from thinnest to thickest.

Water before Oil: Water and oil don’t mix. Applying oil products first will prevent water products from penetrating the skin. The only time this rule doesn’t apply is if you are doing the double cleansing method. 

Step One: Clarifying Oils or Oil-Based Cleanser

Clarifying oils can be used to remove makeup, for oil cleansing or as a facial oil in a simple skincare routine. Our Clarifying oils are formulated with the unique needs of each skin type in mind and are made with low comedogenic oils so they won’t clog pores

Shop by skin type to find the oil that’s right for you Oily Skin, Dry Skin, and Combination Skin.

Step Two: Cleanser

The water-based cleanser removes dirt, debris, oil, etc. from the skin. Our African Black Soap will remove any oil leftover from the clarifying oil or any makeup.

Step Three: Facial Scrubs or Mask

This is where you can choose to exfoliate your skin or do a mask to address a skin concern. To know what face scrubs and face masks work for your skin type read our blogs.

Step Four: Toner

Toner balances the Ph of your skin and removes any residue left over from your mask or exfoliator. To shop toners by skin type Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination Skin.

Step Five: Serums

Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients to target specific skincare concerns. To read more about facial serums and the benefits to the skin read our blog here. To purchase our serums follow these links Red Wine & Yellow Chartreuse.

Step Six: Moisturizer

A moisturizer should keep your skin hydrated all day. Our dual-purpose serum Yellow Chartreuse is both a moisturizer and day serum. Giving you the benefits of a serum and the function of a moisturizer.

Step Seven: Sunscreen

SPF is your BFF here’s why! Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. 

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