Everyone is different, that means our skin is too! So products that work for one persons skin might not work for yours. So how do you know what products will work for your skin? Identifying your skin type will help you to choose.

The most common and widely used classifications for skin type are normal, combination, oily and dry. For our discussion

we will only be addressing combination, oily and dry skin. At Qutie’s Body Bar we believe with the right products everyone can achieve “normal” skin so we don’t find this to be an accurate classification.
When thinking about skin type one must also consider important factors such as:

How often do you break out? Are your breakouts severe or mild? Is your skin sensitive? How old are you? Does your skin have sun damage or hyperpigmentation? What’s your skin tone? These factors help determine subcategories to the main classifications of skin types. These will be helpful when picking specific facial treatments such as scrubs and mask to add to your regimen.

How To Determine Your Skin Type?

  1. Cleanse your face throughly with a cleanser of your choice and pat your face dry. Do not apply any products.
  2. After waiting 20-30 mins start assessing the key areas of your skin.
  3. Does your skin face feel dry overall and tight? This is a sign of dry skin
  4. Do you notice a shine or grease on the bridge of the nose or forehead? This is a sign of combination skin.
  5. Do you notice shine or grease on your overall face? This is a sign of oily skin.

Characteristics of Each Skin Type

Dry Skin:

  • Skin feels tight and rough
  • Lacks elasticity
  • Complexion looks dull
  • Scaling, flaking and itchiness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are visible
  • Red patches

Product Recommendations: African Black Soap, Rose Blush Dry Skin Facial Toner, Rio Rose Clay Mask, Yellow Chartreuse Facial Serum & Red Wine Night Serum

Oily Skin:

  • Black heads and/or white heads other types blemishes
  • Prone to breakouts
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin appears shiny or grease in several areas
  • Skin looks thicker or more plumped

Product RecommendationsAfrican Black Soap, Ambrosia Oily Skin Facial Toner, Emerald Mist Clay Mask, Yellow Chartreuse Facial Serum & Red Wine Night Serum

Combination Skin:

  • A mix of oily and dry skin
  • Oily skin usually around the t-zone of the skin
  • Dry skin usually around the cheeks and chin
  • Medium sized pores
  • Acne prone to chin, nose and foreheads

Product Recommendations: African Black Soap, Wild Thing Combination Skin Facial Toner, Old Fashion Face Scrub, Yellow Chartreuse Facial Serum & Red Wine Night Serum

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